Alyssa Holmes
Sterling College
Owner and Herbal & Nutritional Consultant
Brattleboro Holistic Health Center, Vermont

“Since graduating from Sterling College in 2003, my main focus has been in herbalism, with a lot of emphasis on homesteading and community as well. My life in the past decade has been a beautiful tapestry of hard work, creative thinking, staying true to what I love, fun, and family.

I ran a small herbal company in Brattleboro with a friend for 8 years, which has now become part of the Brattleboro Holistic Health Center. We are a worker-owned cooperative, and I feel that my passion for working in groups is directly related to my experience at Sterling. Problem solving, debating in a healthy way, inspired visionary planning, and reaching goals, are all skills that were fine tuned for me at Sterling.  

My life is filled with work that I love and that is deeply rewarding. I have gratitude toward Sterling everyday for the work ethic that was instilled through the education and the Work Program. I know I would not be where I am today, living my dream, without the experience of Sterling College.”