Angie Watson Morenz
Blackburn College
Director of Athletics
Blackburn College

When I first stepped on the Blackburn College campus as a perspective student I had a strong feeling this was the place for me. My Blackburn experience has meant the world to me. I was able to play three NCAA sports, expand my social network, earn my degree and gain valuable work experience. I was successful because of the personal attention I received from the staff and faculty at Blackburn, who provided me with guidance and nurturing, and bolstered my confidence to pursue my dreams. During my junior and senior years I worked as a student athletic trainer, which allowed me to gain hands-on experience in my chosen profession.

Each position I held at Blackburn taught me something new about myself, the world of work and interacting with people. The most important thing I gained while working in college was the “confidence to try” and the opportunity to master new skills. Prior to my current position as Blackburn’s Director of Athletics, I was a head college athletic trainer, worked in college alumni relations and as a physical education professor while pursuing my doctorate degree.