Katie Spotz
Warren Wilson
World record holder/Spokesperson
Blue Planet Run Foundation

When Katie Spotz set a world record as the youngest person to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean, every one of her one million oar strokes was changing lives. She covered 3038 miles in 70 days while increasing awareness and raising money for the Blue Planet Run Foundation, a non-profit organization that funds safe drinking water projects for people in need around the world. 

"Warren Wilson definitely played a role in who I am today," said Spotz. "There was such a diverse group of people, involved in so many interesting things and this encouraged me to continue on my path."

While at the College, she studied business and economics, knowledge that helped her fundraising efforts. To date, Spotz has raised $100,000. For every one of the 3,038 miles, Blue Planet provided safe drinking water for life, for one person. Katie now speaks at schools and health/fitness centers across the United States and Canada to promote more personal responsibility for water conservation.