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Unique. That’s what people say about Warren Wilson College, and with good reason. Our educational program, the Triad, is unlike any other in the country. The Triad consists of three interwoven strands of experience: academics in the liberal arts tradition, a campus-wide work program, and service within the community. Our Triad is infused with a sustainability ethic and cross-cultural understanding – integral parts of the College’s history and founding philosophy.

Students gain a meaningful, enriching education that feeds their intellectual hunger and empowers them to collaborate and problem-solve in real-world situations. Led by faculty and staff, students acquire knowledge in the classroom, in the forest and fields, and in the wider community – locally and internationally. In short, the Triad teaches the whole student.

Our students learn by doing: researching and crafting a “Swannanoa Journal” radio essay that speaks to a topic of local concern, teaching environmental enrichment to third-graders through the College’s EcoTeam, finding and conserving rare foods at a Native Foods workshop.

Graduates leave Warren Wilson with a varied and valuable skill set. They leave with a sense of connectedness, confidence, accountability, and perspective. They leave with the knowledge that their passions will take them places. They leave prepared to do more, for the world and themselves. It’s a college for individuals who want to make a difference.

Check out this video to discover the history of Warren Wilson College.

All resident students log 15 hours a week with an assigned work crew—one of over 100 crews essential to the daily operation of the College. You might be relied upon for computer repair, library support, dorm maintenance, or dining services. Or you might be trained to design publications, catalog an arrowhead, or plow fields. In return, you'll earn $3,480 in credit toward the cost of attendance

Our Curriculum Connects
With over 900 students and an average class size of 14, professors know students by name and can give each student individual attention. Our curriculum provides the foundation for bringing the Warren Wilson Triad Education Program to life. Your course of study, in conjunction with your work crew and service hours, takes you from the classroom to the field to the wider community. This means you might find yourself in a chemistry lab, analyzing Swannanoa River water quality for a local non-profit's watershed management plan, starting a nationally recognized literary magazine with one of your professors, or teaching science enrichment to over 1,000 third-graders in the Asheville area and providing a national model for the Jane Goodall Institute's Roots and Shoots Program. At Warren Wilson College, you'll learn by doing, through caring and while following a personal passion. This is learning that lasts.

You may earn your Bachelor's Degree in any of 46 majors and concentrations and 26 minors taught by professors from some of the nation's top graduate programs: Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Harvard, Northwestern, Stanford, UC-Berkley, UNC-Chapel Hill, and Yale. We also offer a dual degree program in Forestry with Duke University and a special concentration in Pre-Peace Corps, International, and Non-Governmental service. All Warren Wilson students take at least one class within each of the school's eight liberal arts areas. This rich academic base is your starting point; numerous concentrations let you decide which path is right for you. If you choose Integrative Studies, you can design a major of your own, such as Environmental Spirituality and Art or Women's Performance Art.

See our website for a complete listing of major programs and concentrations, minors, and special programs of study.

Each student must complete 100 hours of community service with an approved agency over four years; at least 25 hours of which has been earned through an "extended project" related to a single-issue area. Through the Service-Learning Program, students expand their education while simultaneously addressing issues of social and environmental justice. Service Learning address needs in local communities, across the country, even abroad as part of the World Wide Program.

The Mission of Warren Wilson College is to provide a distinctive undergraduate and liberal arts education. Our undergraduate education combines academics, work, and service in a learning community committed to environmental responsibility, cross-cultural understanding, and the common good.

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