Why Work Colleges?

The Work ~ Learning ~ Service approach at Work Colleges is proven to build character, work ethic, leadership, critical thinking and time management skills. These attributes are transferrable to the ‘real world’ and are highly desired by employers and post-graduate institutions.

Labor programs vary at individual Member Colleges, but all programs teach students the critical balance of study, service to others and managed work expectations. Most labor positions are limited to 10-15 hours per week and designed to enhance the collegiate experience.

A Work College experience is very different from just ‘working while in college’. Enhanced work and service at Member Colleges deliberately expose students to people, places and practices that are new and different. All Work Colleges emphasize the value of community, social equity and teamwork—attributes that not only build leadership skills, but are unique to the Work Colleges experience.

It may sound revolutionary and ‘ahead of its time’, but Work Colleges have been educating and training dedicated, hard-working students for over 150 years. Work Colleges may be even more relevant today than in years past. Economic challenges and rising costs of education are shining light on the Work ~ Learning ~ Service approach as one of the most promising ideas in higher education today.

The Work Colleges Consortium provides its Member Colleges with networking opportunities, additional resources, and a unified voice to represent our shared mission to legislative and professional audiences.

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