Warren Wilson College

Warren Wilson College is the only national liberal arts college that fully integrates on-campus work and off-campus community engagement into its curriculum. In addition to its innovative experiential program, the College and its 700 students are known for their strong commitment to environmental sustainability, diversity and social justice.

Warren Wilson is known for its strong academic and environmental emphasis. Regarding the latter focus, Outside Magazine has called Warren Wilson “one of the most earth-friendly colleges on the planet.” Warren Wilson College was recognized in the Fiske Guide to Colleges as one of the “25 Best Buys” among private colleges and universities. In addition to high marks for its academics and affordability, the Fiske Guide honored the College with the highest possible rating for overall quality of student life and it has been recognized for its commitment to community engagement and service.

Fast Facts

  • Warren Wilson College’s distinctive applied learning model prepares students for an engaged life.
  • Warren Wilson College alumni pursue graduate degrees at some of the world’s best colleges and universities.
  • Warren Wilson College graduates are employed in meaningful careers across a variety of influential industries.
  • Warren Wilson College students intern at some of the finest organizations in the country.
  • Warren Wilson College prepares students to successfully enter the job market.
  • Warren Wilson College delivers on its commitment to offering a top-tier liberal arts education.
  • Warren Wilson College alumni one year out from graduating indicate that they participated in applied learning experiences at higher rates than alumni from other colleges.
  • Warren Wilson College gives students the skills they need to leave an impression on internship supervisors.

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