Bethany Global University

Since 1948, Bethany Global University has trained 3,000+ Christian missionaries to take the church to where it is not. Our hands-on approach to education will helps students become effective missionaries wherever God leads them.

We accomplish this in three ways: map-img

  • Hands-on Training: Undergraduates get hands-on work experience through practical training and local outreach while on campus and then spent 16 months overseas learning while doing missions during their global internship. Graduate students are required to be actively involved in some hands-on work regarding intercultural ministry.
  • Missions Focus: Fulfilling the great Great Commission by taking the church to where it is not is our chief aim. All faculty, staff, and students who attend here are focused on this one great endeavor.
  • A University & Agency Collaboration: BGU is part of the larger organization of Bethany International and partners with Bethany Gateways missions agency to bring the most up-to-date training back to the classroom. In collaboration with Bethany Gateways, BA students are commissioned and sent as full-time missionaries overseas while on their global internship.



  • Students in our 4-year programs spend 16 months overseas.
  • Students are commissioned as missionaries when they are sent on their 16 month Global Internship
  • Very few of our students pay for tuition.
  • Bethany was started by five families dedicating their lives to train and send 100 missionaries.
  • Students work on campus about 15 hours per week.
  • Students participate in weekly community service and outreach
  • The entire student body goes camping twice a year.
  • Bethany alumni have served as missionaries in over 50 countries.
  • Current Bethany Faculty have a combined over 100 years of missionary experience.
  • BGU won the Jonathan N Thigpen Enrollment Growth Award for fastest enrollment growth among ABHE colleges for the '16-'17 school year.



alumni have served cross-culturally through internships and/or long-term mission service


The year 5 families sold their belongings to start Bethany


months are spent overseas for all of our BA programs


The amount of the federal work college award and/or PT scholarship per student


years Bethany has been providing biblically based cross-cultural education


annual out of pocket cost of attendance for most students


Students work on campus 15 hours per week.

map-imgFor many, there isn’t a clear path to becoming a missionary long term. They wrestle with their calling, wonder what the qualifications are, and worry if they can make it financially. BGU makes this journey easy by providing a clear path to lifetime of impact overseas.

100+ YEARS

The cumulative time faculty have served in other countries and cultures